Our Equipment - T-ALLAN Water Hauling Service

Our Equipment

10 Tandem water trucks:

Each equipped with a water cannon that can spray water in excess of 100 yards. Its ideal for initial freeze up and reaching way out in the places that the truck can not yet reach speeding up the build process. The design is simply based on a fire hose nozzle and can be used in a range of applications, such as truck mounted or free hand for more focused spray of lets say a creek crossing or an ice bridge. All the trucks have floaters available for early access. Each truck has the standard 3″ ¬†sprayer spoon on the back as well as and gravity fed drain bar.

1 Techno Alpine Mobile Snow Fan w/ Operation and Support equipment.

The operating temperature range is -2C to -50C. Its highly reliable and field tested in some pretty harsh conditions. This unit is perfect for Creek/Hotline crossings and stockpiling. Superior to snow guns because of the fast move, set up and high volume it can produce in a short time. Trailer mounted for simple relocation. Can draw water from a water truck or from a water source depending on location and what the job requires.

2 Hagglund tracked personell / cargo carriers.

First unit seats 15 crew and the Second unit seats 5 and has a flat deck for cargo, fuel etc. 2000kg Capacity.

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