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We provide water services to the industrial
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Commercial Water Services in Alberta & Western Canada

Our experience has been vast, our  winter work focusing on initial access road construction and maintenance. We spent winters on pipelines, First access, freezing in ROWs, laydown yards and suppling water for HDD rigs. Further to this many winters spent on drilling programs in North East Alberta again focusing on access, lease building, and rig water supply. Summer work includes Dust Control, Fire Suppression and supplying water for Hydrovac units

We at T-ALLAN WATER SERVICES worked with a variety of clients including Lafarge, Cenovus, Transcanada, Suncor Fort Hills, MEG Energy along with the big pipeline players such as Banister and Michels Canada  Our focus is always on flexibility and adapting the customers requirements and schedule with a drive to be the “Go To” service provider for any and all needs that could arise during the course of the job.

Safety is a major priority in all our work and in 13 years of operating we have proudly had 0 LTI’s. We Are COR Certified. We credit this to our strict hiring process and fostering a Safety First culture in all of our crews including continuous training and participation in both our in house and customer HSE programs. All our equipment is newer and is meticulously kept by our support and maintenance crew. We believe that if our workers are to be safe, the equipment that they operate must be in peak condition. But should a major issue arise we have a licensed HD mechanic for a call out at any time.

We are available anytime to answer any questions you may have and look forward to speaking to you soon.

Ice Road Construction

Getting into the job site is imperative to keep the project going, and we understand that. Providing an ice road for your equipment and personnel to reach the site is what we do best!

Dust Control

Dealing with dust control in the Alberta prairies during our dry and hot summer months can be a challenge, and we get that! T-Allan Water Service is Alberta’s choice for dust control!

Fire Suppression

Workplace and Environment Safety is a top priority in many business sectors, and fire suppression is at the top of the list!  We have over 10 years of experience providing that safety!

Snow Maker

Having enough snow to make the job-site accessible and manageable during our transition months is important to keep the business going.  We offer snow cannon service throughout the prairies.

Your Commercial Water Hauling Company

About T-Allan Water Hauling

T-Allan Water Service was founded in 2005 by Owner & President, Todd Homeniuk, who is still full on running the business. From day one our company has been committed and dedicated to top-notch customer service and safety on the job. We have been accident and insurance claim free since 2005!  T-Allan Water Service offers all types of water hauling services. We are best known for our high quality of service, one of our founding core principles.

We have established ourselves as one of the preferred water carriers in Alberta and throughout Western Canada . Our success has been achieved by total dedication to our customers on each and every job we complete. Our friendly and experienced drivers operate newer model equipment that is regularly maintained to ensure minimal down time. We are always ready to deliver what you need, when you need it, on time every time!

Commercial Water Services

We provide a full range of commercial water services from ice road construction in the winter to dust control  in the summer.

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Learn Why T-Allan Is Your Best Choice!

We have been in the water business for over 15 Years.  Our staff are born and raised in the prairie country, we know the land and all obstacles and hurtles it can throw at you and your project.  We understand time is money, and when you are in need of water, you gotta’ have it and you gotta’ have it now!

Safety Conscious Business

Formed in 2005 and have been committed to safety from day 1, and we have been accident claim and injury free since then!

Experienced Drivers

Our strict hiring practices ensure we have a skilled operator in all of our units, on all job sites, at all times!

Documents & Certifications

We have all safety manuals, certifications and required documents for every driver and unit on every job site, at all times.

Modern Fleet

Our modern fleet operates on a strict maintenance regime that’s managed by our  heavy duty mechanic to eliminate any down time.


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